Space Day

Space Day

Space Day is an event created and organised by Student Association OFF-ROAD from Department of Off-Road Vehicle Engineering with colaboration with Student Association PWr Aerospace. Reason why is promoting space engineering. On 20 April 2017  at University of Sicence and Technology in Wrocław took place its first edition. Over 1000 participants, 30  speakers, 10 interactive counters, 21 presentations and possibility to watch mars rovers in action. All of this had influenced decision about making Space Day periodic. 

We made an efford to interest participants by very interesting and interactive topics. Not only topics were about imporant, science aspects, but also forced listeners to think and awake their creativity. Participants had a possibility to choose some of the 21 prepared topics: 

WTMA – The beginnings life on the Earth
How has the life been created on Earth? What is the most popular theory about life begining on Earth? What else can scientists tell you? Let us introduce you the panspermia hypothesis and life in hydrothermal vents!
How to do the research? Will the life appear (or maybe it already has appeard?) on others planets? Are viruses alive?
What is life? The lecture about interesting places in Solar System, where we expect existance of life and proof that it could be created independently in another part of the Universe. 
Projects about sending people to the Mars are planned and realized by governments agencies NASA, ESA, China, India, Japan or private companies: Elon Mask’s, Mars Inspiration and Mats One.  What are the chances of its realization? When can we expect it?  

SKA PW – The only experiment that can say „it sucks”

BuLMA, little, but smart device from University of Scinece in Warsaw, Warsaw University and mission BEXUS 22, capable of bringing on the ground from statosphere  not only micrometeorite but also microorganisms with cosmic origin. 
DREAM Project – DREAM – a story about a drill, which was in space
Where did the idea about drilling in the space come from? And what for? How it happened that a group of students get a ticket for a rocket flight? How did they use it?
Scanway –  Can we make money on space in Poland? Is it profitable?
The characteristics  of  companies of space sector from Poland and Wrocław. Where are realized space topics in Poland? How to begin your career in areonautical field? Where are Wrocław going with conquering the space?
Thales Alenia Space Polska – Creating a satellite
A few worlds about creating a satellite.

Space is more – About  Space is more a few words.

A short story about Space is More activity with review of projects focused on present realization: M.A.R.S. project – establishment for psychological researches stimulating  planetary base beyond the Earth.

Thales Alenia Space Polska – Controlling satellites
How to control a satelite?
A author’s story about experience with stratospheric balloons flights. About successes and problems, perfect patterns, which are worth to try.
Make mistakes, confess to it, and then make everything fine. On the example of Turtle rover I tell you how NOT to avoid mistakes and even how to make them as the certain thing of the planning system.
About possibilities of our latest construction and tasks, which Scorpio have to face.  
SKA PW – Flights to stratosphere?
Created with an experience from the experiment SCOPE 2.0 mission BEXUS 11 (2009), Sekcja Balonowa Studenckiego Koła Astronautycznego from Univeristy of Science in Warsaw has been in the stratosphere nine times already! Every time with different mission, new goals, more interesting experiments…
Flight to Slovakia, gargantuan antennas, help for rockets and concave Earth.

PCz Rover Team – Modernity Rover

Team of students from University of Science in Częstochowa tell about designing mars rovers and contests in Poland and United States of America. 
Continuum Rover Team – Z łazikiem na Marsa!
Exploration of space for a long time was inaccessible desire of human race. Over past years this destine is getting more and more reachable. We would like to show you what we did to make the dream about space colonization come true. We introduce you to the world of mars rovers! 
ABM Space – Remote Mars Yard
A few words about ReMY contest
EXO.17  was the first actual polish, analog mars stimulation, realized in March 2017 in   Mars Desert Research Station (USA). There will be presented general assumptions and visions of analog missions and also stay in MDRS, example tasks, challenges and problems.
A few words about PWr Areospace
Mars Society Polska
A history of polish mars rovers at the URC and ERC
WTMA – Why Mars?
Information about history of research on Mars and about how it works in social awareness and art.
WTMA – Amateur Mars observations
About observational gear, when and what we can see and how to photograph  Mars

After the lectures, listeners had a chance to see the stall specially prepared for them. There were lots of options: stratospheric balloons, drill, little robot – Turtle and more! We also prepared show with mars rovers from whole country. Every interested person could walk to the makers, ask them about everything, see what is inside such a vehicle and even control it! Additional atraction  was field game for children based on space motive.

We are proud, that we had a chance to make such an event, which combines educational side, integration of space engineering and promotes niche field of study. Intereset among the participants (especially among children and youth) brings us a hope for more dynamic development of unsung space sector in Poland.

Huge interest by the event mobilized us to make another edition. It took place on 20 October the same year as the previous one. We hope the near future will be as active as the previous year!