Events - we took part in

Two of our colleagues had spent the end of April 2018 on “Vehicles of the Future” conference in Minsk, Belarus where they received two prizes for their papers.

Natalia Ćwilichowska won the first prize for her paper on “Biofuels and alternative energy sources for spaceships” and Krzysztof Basiak’s “Study on methods of deceleration in a thing atmosphere for spaceships exceeding the mass of 30t” was awarded a honorable mention.

We have conducted space workshop for Creativity Festival attendees. The young participants had a lot of fun – and so did we!

We have aroused pupils’ interest in the field of extraterrestrial life, rovers and landers. Creativity was certainly the word of that day.

We took the opportunity to take part in The World Summit on the Information Society Forum 2018 in Geneva. In parallel to the summit there was a Permanent Representative of Poland to the United Nations event that Wroclaw University of Science and Technology students’ projects were being presented on.

It could not have been an opportunity our rover did not take. It has drawn a lot of attention, as usual.

Our rover had a chance to show itself on fair Made in Wroclaw, among local companies and projects.

Made in Wrocław was the first such an event in capital of lower Silesia – combination of buissnes conference  and free fairs, dedicated for all citizens of Wrocław. It took part on 14 December 2017 in Wrocław Congress Center nearby Centennial Hall.


In November 2017 we had a chance to take part in conference INNOVATIVE EUROPE 2017 – FLY ME TO MARS.

It gave us an opportunity to start a colaboration with many leading institutions from space industry like CERN or ESA.

At Dni Aktywności Studenckiej we organized the  out of the world counter!

But DAS is not only fairs students associations and organizations but also trainings! We had a chance to conduct some lectures with colaboration with PWr Racing Team and Student Council of  University of Science and Technology in Wroclaw.

On 20 October we organized next, already second edition of Space Day.  This time it was mainly for children and  youth. We wanted to awake the passion towards space and show them possibilities, which gives us space industry. Participants had chance to control our mars rover and hear lectures about space! 

We were at DPS Forum – conference focused on SolidWorks program, in which we design our constructions. It was a great chance to know more news from industry.

We try to keep up with trends in designing, so such an events are a great inspiration for further work on our projects.


We took part with our rover Scorpio at World Space Week in Wrocław. Our crew not only talked about  mars rovers during the lectures, but also made avaiable robot controlling for participants. 

As usually our robot was in the center of attention, and not only for children! And also we had a chance to talk with colleagues from other projects and initiatives. We wish there was more such an events!

Our rover was atraction during the Scienece Festival in Rzeszów. For two days local habitants could come and talk with us about our robot.

By the by we took part in ERC Workshops, it is workshops for polish teams, who builds mars rovers, organised by Mars Society Polska.


Wrocław citizens had a chance to see our rover “live” during the exhibition “Roboty do roboty” in Galeria Dominikańska.

We saw that Scorpio III was very popular! Despite of it is not so new and everyday it hang in our laboratory, being such a nice relic, it had an oppourtunity to present itself and how we begin.

Those are our the most interesting initiatives, where our rover appeared lately.  We hope the near future will be as active as our past!