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The Scorpio team is just out of this world! Scorpio is super smart, super cute and super fun! I’m sure that this sort of tremendous talent, grand passion and tons of positive energy will win them many international contests and competitions.

Dr Bart Tkaczyk, MBA, Fulbright Scholar (University of California, Berkeley), Chief Executive & Head of Learning and Capability (Energizers), Mentor

The Scorpio team is a group of young, talented and ambitious people. They implement further, more and more bold and advanced student projects in both space engineering and interplanetary mission planning. They compete with success in international competitions. I am convinced that in the near future they will set the direction for the development of the space sector in Poland and in the world.

Lubański Robert, President of Mars Society Poland

We have been cooperating with the SCORPIO team for over six years. Throughout this period we have been noticing their incredible commitment, determination and passion in creating more and more advanced projects, which is confirmed by international successes. We are happy that we can support such creative, talented, and at the same time well-organized young people who actively participate in a growing Polish space industry. 


Our company has been cooperating with the SCORPIO team for many years by providing components for their amazing designs. It is a group of young, talented and very ambitious people and they achieve higher and higher goals every year. Their achievements in the international competitions such as URC fully confirm their talent. We are happy we can support their development and help them realize bold ideas.

igus Poland

Michal Bocian

Student Association Off-Road has become one of the best, most titled and fastest-growing Student Associations of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology. Through their commitment and passion, they successfully implement the most technologically advanced, innovative and at the same time spectacular projects. They can  set an example for other student association both within the Wrocław University of Technology and beyond.

Michał Bocian, head of WUST’s Students’ Affairs Department

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