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Student Association OFF-ROAD from Department of Off-Road Vehicle Engineering of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Wrocław University of Technology has been working since 2009. There are 50 members in our team, not only from our university.

 As one of the most recognizable team in Poland we are present on many events annually, promoting not only our activity, but the whole space sector in our country.


  • II place in University Rover Challenge (2013)
  • I place in European Rover Challenge (2014)
  • III place in University Rover Challenge (2015)
  • III place in finals Phobos in University Rover Challenge (2016)
  • II place in Freestyle category and Audience Award in Robotic Area Competition (2017)
  • II place in Red Eagle contest (2018)
  • Title of „Scientific Project of the Year” in ProJuvenes contest (2014)
  • Title of Strategic Association of  Wrocław University of Technology (2017)
  • Title of Constructive Project of the Year in KOKON Contest(2017)
  •  Title of “Students innovations” and final five in „Association of the year” category in ProJuvenes contest (2017)

Our Projects

Project Scorpio

Mars rovers created by Project Scorpio members since 2013 have been taking part in an international competitions like European Rover Challenge and University Rover Challenge, taking place in Poland and the United States of America. 

We are leading on prestige competitions promoting our University and polish space engineering. 

Currently we are improving our newest construction, Scorpio X, which is our 6th rover.

Click the pic for further information. ➡

Project Eagle

It is our newest project we are desiging mars lander for an international competition “Red Eagle” organized by Mars Society and NASA.

We have prepared lander, which has to land safely on Mars with 10 tons of load.

Over 20 people, couple of months of hard work and substantive support from leading institutions like ESA or CERN. Sounds like recipe for success!

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Space Day

One of our main aims is promoting polish space engineering.

 That is why PWr Areospace and us have organized Space Day – all-day event focused on space industry. Huge success has motivated us to run already two editions of this event. 

Lectures of representatives of different fields (firms, institutions, start-ups or students associations), mars rovers shows or project displays are only part of attractions connected with this event.

 Details about previous editions are here.

Science Activity

In 2017 we decided to create science department, which now has a dozen of people. It allows us to do research work about our constructions, which we are planning to publish in the future.




We promote our activity also at popular science events. In 2018 we have started collaboration with eXperyment magazine. We encourage you to read it!

 Foreign and domestic events 

As one of the most recognizable student project connected with space engineering, we attend many events annually, like conferences,  fairs and exhibitions. In last year we were at conference Innovative Europe 2017 – Fly me to Mars, fair Made in Wrocław, Wrold Space Week, Science Festival and more!

We promote not only our activity but also dynamic developing space industry in Poland.

Description some of the latest events are here.

About us in media

Our activity attracts interest not only local media, but also domestic. Materials about us are for example at the National Geographic channel (program “Polacy na Marsie”), in TVN24 television or in Gazeta Wyborcza.

We encourage you to watch the episode focused on our rover in science television platonTV.

Further information about us you can find on our fanpage, Instagram or Wykop.pl and YouTube.

 Look what others tell about us here!

Future projects

Our association has developing at very rapid pace. Two years ago only a few people was building mars rover. Now our team consists of 50 people, who are working on many initiatives.

In 2018 we have started preparing for satellite project of University of Science and Technology in Wrocław. We are about to start designing already the seventh mars rover with his little brother ScorpioJunior. Some of the members are going to build a stratospheric balloon, which helps us send our experiment to the sky!

A lot is going to happen!